Style : Americana
Rate (1-5) : ★★★★

Opening track the “River Flows” immediately took my attention when I first heard it. The tune is somehow a mix between many styles old and young and comes with a pleasant atmosphere! Reason Enough for me to dig out the rest of the man’s repertoire.

Basically he is a singer songwriter from the Tampa Bay area! Taking his influences from bands and artists like Tom Petty, Jackson Browne or Warren Zevon, his follow up album solstice throws also in some good old bluegrass, blues and country influences next to the already known rocking edge of his Music.

Leading track The River flows is worth to buy the entire album, but also tunes like “All Night Drive”, “In for the cold” and “Secret voices” are worth to check out. “Ms Right Now” introduces some Reggae influences into his Music and is one of the lesser interesting track on this album. “Second Hand Lover” comes with a great soul sound while “Forgive” is totally drenched in country, another tune that makes this album worthwhile. Closing down is the Solstice at tune that is reminiscent to the seventies psychedelic country scene.

Solstice certainly is a hell of a find and an album that will spin on my car stereo during many night rides for sure!

Mr. Blue Boogie.

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Style : Alt Country
Rate (1-5) : ★★★

(Translated from Dutch)

There were many spins at first until I finally called to mind that I had always wanted to. Solstice (independent) by Lee Bryant, coming from Florida reminded me of someone, but to whom? And suddenly I knew so. Moon Martin's name was where I had sought. Because yeah, that voice of Lee Bryant remains a bit of a hanging pitch. If a car on cruise control for a long barren road. Boring? Certainly not! That way you can because good look around and enjoy the surroundings. And then you notice that this sounds very Californian rock am referring to Jackson Browne. In From The Cold and follows Bryant and his companions all the way from Bruce Springsteen on his Born To Run. This is mainly due to the keyboards of Bryant, but the drums and the drive that holds the song refer to that classic album. Ms. Right Now groomed white soul with a slight reggae touch. But also with great guitar work, which the famous Ronny Elliott Steve Connelly is responsible. Who produced this album with Bryant. There are horns on Second Hand Lover, which is very good a song title "Moon Martin or perhaps could be Marshall Crenshaw, and a steel guitar to Forgive. Even though Lee Bryant always straight, he knows very well how to keep the ride alternately. Available at CD Baby.

John Gjaltema

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